Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahhhhhh! WHat has he done to my fun little laughable page!!!! I am apologizing in behalf to all those offended due to the political statements, although I must agree that Biden IS a bonehead, regardless. I thought Hans was only joking when he said he would make politically charged blogs. Oh, that boy! So, anyway! How is everybody????
We are doing really quite well. No hilarious stories or video footage for you sick people out here who like to laugh at others misfortunes. Just joking. The videos were really funny. The occasion for ME blogging instead of HAns is that is was his birthday yesterday and we decided to drive up to Delta after Gabe got out of school and surprise him. HAns is now 29- sooooo old. I just couldn't stand that I wouldn't be there for his birthday- I guess I really am in love aren't I? We made his favorite butter rum cake- the boys stuffed it with 29 candles and we traveled up. It was so great, we put big bows on our heads and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even though HAns probably guessed we were there because of the obnoxious dog barking in the back of the corrals, he acted surprised and the boys were so thrilled to see their dad in the middle of the work week, the trick will be getting them to leave. HAns' mom was in on it and I asked her t make his favorite lasagna because I cannot, for the life of me, gete my lasagna to be like hers, and it is soo good. So he was dually surprised for his birthday. The boys will be sad to leave their dad(and their grandma) But I might lure them away with promises of Halloween fun things.
The boys are so excited for HAlloween this year. Gabe has been "planning" his costume, and I mean drawing up plans for his costume for the last month and a half. We finally decided on pirates though- a whole family of them- Arrrr matey. For our primary activity we are having a trunk or treat and I am forcing Hans to dress up with me and the boys. He will be one hot pirate! And I will say this. I may never do homemade costumes again. I got as far as sewing one pirate vests and then gave up. I am not good with a needle!
And yes! We are having a baby! Please forget any previous comments I may have made about not having any more children because I must have been wrong. We are so excited for this new little one. The boys will talk to my belly every night before bed. Well, yell, at my belly would be a better word. They want to make sure that the baby can hear them. And Gabe always says, " I bet she is saying goodnight brothers!" And HIett fondly pats my getting bigger belly and smiles at it. Yes, Gabe is firmly convinced he is getting a sister, funny but I wonder if they do really remember things that we don't. We will be thrilled either way- I don't quite know what to do with a girl, but I am sure it couldn't be toooo different.
LAstly- I am so sorry that I haven't been able to check on everybody's blogs and keep up with your lives. I miss knowing what is going on with you all more than you can know- how silly. I wonder why I just don't call. Hmmm. What a novel idea. Anyway, I need to get going. Thank you all for still reading our blog even though it isn't as entertaining anymore. He he- sorry sweetie, I love you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting another tike on the 27th of March 2009. All assumtions are that it is a girl and will be named Sunny Sunflower Lovell. (according to Gabe thanks to Mom.) We are both very thrilled and are hoping and praying that we will sell the house by then. The outage at the plant, which consists of 6-12 hr days for an entire month begins on or about the 1st of April. What a year of change.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 days and no debilitating injuries "yet"

These are some funny videos that we have got in the last few days. The first one is where I tried to knock my front teeth out again.
And the second -- Somewhere along the line Shellie thought she was Jane of the Jungle. She has always wanted to swing from a vine across a ravine. She thought she would start small. Thank goodness and if you look close her feet never even left the ground. Next time she needs to shake the vine a little harder. Being the concerned husband I am I made sure I got it all on film. I knew she was good when she was laughing and clapping. Just like when she wrecked my scooter.

Shellie shooting for the hospital Almost there/

WELCOME to our new home

We got moved in settled a few weeks ago, but it has taken me longer than I thought to get back into my groove. I hadn't realized that I HAD a groove, maybe it was more like a rut, but anyway, I am comfortably back into it and that is that. So, I am sure that you are all curious to see what exactly we moved into. You have to promise to not be jealous!!! Really.... everybody seems to think that I mind terribly our new home, but I don't mind it that much. I am with Hans, the boys have their dad and unlimited roaming space and so much more family close by, I would make the trade again anyday. Not to mention the projects that I am planning that will keep me busy for quite some time. Ready?
Well, the power plant pays for all of their employees to move within 40 miles of the plant so they packed us up and shipped us off. This is the truck arriving. It was huge! Our stuff only took up about 1/3 of the truck!
Hans and I are still in debate about what is happening with the exterior of the house. I want to get some paint and paint it, then get a good color match and do the shutters differently. The porch will be fixed- it sags in the middle and threatens to collapse whenever you step on it. I want to put a little roof over it, a simple little peak that stretches back to the trailer, that would hopefully break up the ugliness a little bit. we will probably be here for 21/2 to 3 years so I want to make it look like a home for us.
OK- let me explain that roof looking thing. Nevermind- can't explain it. But I am going to try to put little support strut things off from it to support a new piece of wood that will make it look like a beam instead of a chintzy shingled roof inside of a house. And that is faux brick paneling. he he he. I have never seen it before. I giggle when I see it. The next pic is the kitchen dining combo. The floor is newish lineolium, so that is good to stay. But the wallpaper is falling off and so I am going to practice my tiling and do a medium dark greyish tile and then strip the cupboards and paint them a white. The door knobs will be replaced too. Hopefully this will work with the mustard yellow stove- this trailer is 30 years old, so it is very 70's with the wood paneling EVERYWHERE!!

UNGH. The paneling is sooo dark! This hallway could use a coat of paint. Hans' grandma is skeptical of us painting the paneling, truthfully I am too, but this is so drab I have got to do something! The light fixture is going to be replaced so my dad doesn't hit his head everytime he comes over. Well, for that matter, most of the light fixtures will get to be replaced soon.

I saved the best for last!!! Our bathroom is horrid! Seriously- I don't mind it, it just makes me laugh it is that ugly. The floral nasty green print coordinates with the yellos tub, toilet and sink. The linoleum is the same shades and that crazy design you could sit and stare at for hours trying to figure out the pattern. A new sink is already in the works. A new shower curtain already bought, and so many plans floating in my head. Wall paper off, new linoleum, tiling another backspash, paint the walls, build a frame around the mirror to make it the focal point. So much to do. Will I get it done in my 3 year time limit?? Oh and the kicker, the washer and dryer are in the bathroom! Convienent!!!
We had such a fun Halloween! It got kicked off with an adult( that sounds naughty!) Halloween Party which was fun as it always is to get together with all of everybody. I love seeing all the costumes and wish I knew which file Hans put them uner so I could post them. Beau and Bonnie won my prize for best dressed- Beau looked hot in that eyeliner and black nail polish. Anyway, then on Halloween we had a bunch of the kids over for a little party and had a great time- I did anyway, I hope the kids did too. We went trick or treating in the "old ward" just to say hi to some folks we hadn't seen in a while. The boys had a great time. Tait slept through it all in his comfy bear outfit and Hiett only fell down two sets of stairs with his AWESOME hoomemade batman mask. I don't know how much longer I will get away with homemade costumes but until then- $6 always beats out $20-40 in my opinion, and I think the kids have more fun being "creative". HA ha. We had a great time and the candy is almost gone already- I swear I haven't helped too much!

My happy boy

My happy boy
How can you not smile when you see that!? Tait hung out on this blanket while we were fishing on Monday- he loves to be outside- and it's a good thing since that's where we are most of the time!

Our hike

Our hike
Yes, that is the road down there. We found this trail off the road up the Five MIle Canyon. We have loved the red rock scenery that is so prevelant in the Parowan area

Birthday Boy riding his new bike

Birthday Boy riding his new bike
He loves riding with Gabe on their"motorbikes"

The swinging of the pinata

The swinging of the pinata
Gabe is the only one who inflicted any damage at all

Argh MAtey!

Argh  MAtey!
Me and my pirate buddies- we had so much fun. Sometimes I really wich I were still a kid ro everyday was a birthday so I had a reason to be all creative and fun


The birthday crown for the king of the day