Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My chicken coop hates me....

OK, all I really want to know is how I can go through building a whole house without sustaining an injury and have had THREE while building the chicken coop. Well, injury is a strong word but I am hurting like the dickens. They were all pretty much my own fault due to my inert capability to be clumsy, off balance and in the wrong place at the wrong time. A few weeks ago we were starting to shingle the roof and I somehow stepped on a nail that was protruding from a 2x4(which by the way, I have measured and they aren't 2" x4" and that bothers me, why not call it what it is???) The nail went through my industrial strength Croc, and about 3/8" into the sole of my foot. That wasn't so bad. I was due for a tetnus shot anyway. Got that taken care of.
Just last week, I wasn't even working on the coop, merely walking out the door and stepped in the tines of a metal work rake and the danged handle swung up and hit me in the head! DON'T LAUGH AT ME!! That smarted and for a minute the world was a bit fuzzy. It had hit me right above the temple- how does it get that much force from moving a foot? What really makes this story funny though, is that the same thing had happened to Hans back in Cedar. I think it was fall, we were trying to get the yard cleaned up and had to give up early on account of two "helping" little boys, so Hans was frustrated anyway. We walked by the crabapple tree in front where the devious rake was hiding among the low lying limbs, and I had turned my head to check where Hiett was behind me when there was a dull thud. At that precise moment I coughed(oblivious to the fact that my poor hubby had been sideswiped by a 50 mile an hour rake handle) and Hans thought I was laughing at his misfortune. He yelled- the only time he has EVER yelled at me our entire marriage- DON'T YOU LAUGH AT ME! I, surprised, said that I hadn't and asked what happened. And then, once he had told me- I did laugh. Poor thing. His rake had hit him right on the ear, and his ear swelled and bruised like a beggar. Now I know his pain, and I would have yelled at him too, if he would have dared laugh at me. Luckly nobody saw my clumsy error of stepping in the wrong spot.
Unfortunatley, there were witnesses to last night's accident. I was working on siding the wall of the coop that faces the road, Hans was up on the roof finishing the shingles and the ladder was innocently propped against the wall where it should have been. We didn't take into account out crazy gray mutt winding and twining her rope in and around the bottom of the ladder. Two teenage boys walked past and Tonks(who has recently begun a "Watchdog of the Year" campaign) starts growling and barking to alert us on the intruders. Suddenly she lunged to try to get to the boys and lovely... she took the bottom of the ladder with her. The other end of the ladder fell directly onto my head before I could move. Can I say ow. My head still hurts this morning. I'm glad for the politeness of the two boys that at least held in laughter until they had gotten out of earshot. So. Now you all have proof, as if you needed it, that I am one clumsy, unlucky person when it comes to chicken coops.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I thought that I would just write a little bit about the important fathers in my life. Of course, my dad. I love my dad- everything about him, really. He's the strong and silent, helpful and ever-giving sort of guy. He doesn't talk too much, but when he does it is really worth listening to. Through the years he has been a primary force in shaping who I have become and I will be eternally grateful for that. He is my greatest honest art critic, but never is critical of anything else really. He has always been patient with me and my inquisitiveness and stubborness- which is at times not easy, I am sure. I have always tried to live my life to make my dad proud and I hope that I am a credit to the life that he has lived.
I am also very grateful for the father in law that I have been blessed with. Will is also very strong and giving- though not quite as quiet as my dad is. He has always been there to support us and help us out, whether it is watching the kids with Julie, or siding the house, or just coming to visit/or letting us barge in to visit whenever we want. I am thankful that he has molded Hans into the strong character that he is. Speaking of Hans...
I am so, so grateful for my husband. He has made a part of my life happen that could not have been without him- not only meaning wife and mother- but knowing him has given me the opportunity to struggle and love deeper than I ever thought that I would be capable of. He helped me find and identify parts of myself that I honestly didn't know existed- and he probably doesn't realize it. As much as I have trouble being a mother, I am indeed thankful for the chance that I have to be in a partnership with Hans and with God in raising Gabe and Hiett. Hans is the full support behind me- although he did have a hard time adjusting when I cut my hair- and then when I colored it too. :) He is strong and fully believes in the opinions that he has which is a strength to me. Hans is dedicated and loyal and giving, yet he knows how to take time for himself- which is an example I need to follow more. He has given our family all that he has, he sacrifices dreams of a career in his field so that we can have the security of a home and good lifestyle. Hans plays with the kids which is so important in teaching them certain aspects of life. HE tends to find patience when I find that mine has completely depleted throughout the course of the day. He is such a good daddy and the boys love him so much. I am grateful that he has chosen to have such an active role in their lives and in raising them. Thank you Hans, for making my life full and teaching me how to truly love. I love you always-

P.S. Sorry Mom and Julie- I just realized I didn't do this for you guys on Mother's Day- I was too busy being pampered and just enjoying the day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Deer Haven- Thank goodness for friends!!!

Hey! I'm back!

As much fun as I had in Texas with my brother and his kids, I sure am glad to be home! I could not believe how much I missed my kids while I was gone! ( And HAns- for that matter) Of course, now that I've been home for a few days-we are back in our regular routine and I am about ready for another break. How does that happen so quickly? And I am finding myself missing those sweet little boys back in good ol' Texas. I had so much fun actually getting to know them and play with them. I think it was more of a hassle for Jared to have me there, but too bad for him, I loved going down there and visiting him too. It was nice to just play and talk and swim without having the responsibility that I feel at home with my own kids. But I learned while I was down there, that I can have the same amount of fun and irresponsibility with my kids as I did with Colten and Cannon! It finally clicked. Anyway, we had good times together and I am already trying to figure out when I can go again, but this time I will bring my family with me! Um, the pictures are up there, I messed up while I was posting.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week of Loneliness

It has been a pretty lonely week without Shell. When she left she asked me if I was going to do a post while she was gone. I really like this blog thing quite a bit. It is fun to check up on what everyone else is up to and what my cousins kids are looking like so I will recognize them the next time I see them.
Shell has been gone this week. She went to Texas to help with her brother Jared with his kids while his wife is in the hospital anxiously awaiting the arrival of their twins. I am so glad that she was able to go and see Jared and his family. I know she has wanted to do that for a long time.
My mom has the kids in Delta and has had them all this week. Thank you so much for watching them. It has been a huge help and I hope they really were good and you aren't making stuff up. While they're there they got to go to the Stock Show. My dad is on the Stock Show board so they had to go even though they didn't have any kids showing for the first time in more than almost twenty years. But I don't know which was more stressful for him, having animals to show or parents to ref? Anyway the boys had a awesome time. I got this picture of Gabe on my cell phone. Hiett was there too but he wouldn't look at me. All I got was a shot of the back of his head.

When I got home to the semi empty house. (I have the dog) I set to work on the yard. Under a down spout in the front I made a creek bed thing for the water to go down. I did try and consult her on where and how she wanted the rocks and she said "I don't care suprise me." I told her the last time that I used that phrase I got my lovely green bean green walls in the dining, kitchen and living room and she better be sure and like it no matter what. I don't want her moving my rocks like she moved her dads when she was younger.
Shell wanted some grass for the boys to play on so I made her decide where she wanted it. I got the sod on Friday and we had a good crew to put it in. Jake, Brett, David, Daniel and Kim all came out and helped put it down. I am grateful for the extra help. The lady was crazy thinking that 2200 square feet of sod would take one man 5 hours to put down. We did it in 2 1/2 with 4 of us. I over estimated and ordered about 400 feet of extra sod got put about everywhere around the house. Good thing I didn't round up 10% like they suggest. So all we can do is wait for that water bill and see how much of it we will let die because we can't afford it. This is a picture of the front from the driveway.

It was a lot of work but thanks again to those who came and helped. It made life a lot easier. I am grateful to have those like you around us to help us.
Thankfully Shellie will be back on Wednesday, so I can start eating balanced meals again. I don't think that Oreos, Ice Cream, Chips and pop will be the main staples anymore. I will also sleep a little better knowing that there will be others in the house and not jump at every sound thinking someone broke in. This dog won't protect me. I didn't think I would miss the kids waking up all the time. Shellie kicking me or nudging me to go and get Hiett. Listening to Gabe say "Me slept good last night, I want to watch a car show or play games." I just think of that song by Trace Atkins "Your going to miss this". Things that seem like such a nucience seem to be the things I miss and it has only been a week. What will it be like when it is gone forever? I will be glad to have my wife and kids home.
Sorry if my post isn't as good as Shell's. She'll be back soon.

WELCOME to our new home

We got moved in settled a few weeks ago, but it has taken me longer than I thought to get back into my groove. I hadn't realized that I HAD a groove, maybe it was more like a rut, but anyway, I am comfortably back into it and that is that. So, I am sure that you are all curious to see what exactly we moved into. You have to promise to not be jealous!!! Really.... everybody seems to think that I mind terribly our new home, but I don't mind it that much. I am with Hans, the boys have their dad and unlimited roaming space and so much more family close by, I would make the trade again anyday. Not to mention the projects that I am planning that will keep me busy for quite some time. Ready?
Well, the power plant pays for all of their employees to move within 40 miles of the plant so they packed us up and shipped us off. This is the truck arriving. It was huge! Our stuff only took up about 1/3 of the truck!
Hans and I are still in debate about what is happening with the exterior of the house. I want to get some paint and paint it, then get a good color match and do the shutters differently. The porch will be fixed- it sags in the middle and threatens to collapse whenever you step on it. I want to put a little roof over it, a simple little peak that stretches back to the trailer, that would hopefully break up the ugliness a little bit. we will probably be here for 21/2 to 3 years so I want to make it look like a home for us.
OK- let me explain that roof looking thing. Nevermind- can't explain it. But I am going to try to put little support strut things off from it to support a new piece of wood that will make it look like a beam instead of a chintzy shingled roof inside of a house. And that is faux brick paneling. he he he. I have never seen it before. I giggle when I see it. The next pic is the kitchen dining combo. The floor is newish lineolium, so that is good to stay. But the wallpaper is falling off and so I am going to practice my tiling and do a medium dark greyish tile and then strip the cupboards and paint them a white. The door knobs will be replaced too. Hopefully this will work with the mustard yellow stove- this trailer is 30 years old, so it is very 70's with the wood paneling EVERYWHERE!!

UNGH. The paneling is sooo dark! This hallway could use a coat of paint. Hans' grandma is skeptical of us painting the paneling, truthfully I am too, but this is so drab I have got to do something! The light fixture is going to be replaced so my dad doesn't hit his head everytime he comes over. Well, for that matter, most of the light fixtures will get to be replaced soon.

I saved the best for last!!! Our bathroom is horrid! Seriously- I don't mind it, it just makes me laugh it is that ugly. The floral nasty green print coordinates with the yellos tub, toilet and sink. The linoleum is the same shades and that crazy design you could sit and stare at for hours trying to figure out the pattern. A new sink is already in the works. A new shower curtain already bought, and so many plans floating in my head. Wall paper off, new linoleum, tiling another backspash, paint the walls, build a frame around the mirror to make it the focal point. So much to do. Will I get it done in my 3 year time limit?? Oh and the kicker, the washer and dryer are in the bathroom! Convienent!!!
We had such a fun Halloween! It got kicked off with an adult( that sounds naughty!) Halloween Party which was fun as it always is to get together with all of everybody. I love seeing all the costumes and wish I knew which file Hans put them uner so I could post them. Beau and Bonnie won my prize for best dressed- Beau looked hot in that eyeliner and black nail polish. Anyway, then on Halloween we had a bunch of the kids over for a little party and had a great time- I did anyway, I hope the kids did too. We went trick or treating in the "old ward" just to say hi to some folks we hadn't seen in a while. The boys had a great time. Tait slept through it all in his comfy bear outfit and Hiett only fell down two sets of stairs with his AWESOME hoomemade batman mask. I don't know how much longer I will get away with homemade costumes but until then- $6 always beats out $20-40 in my opinion, and I think the kids have more fun being "creative". HA ha. We had a great time and the candy is almost gone already- I swear I haven't helped too much!

My happy boy

My happy boy
How can you not smile when you see that!? Tait hung out on this blanket while we were fishing on Monday- he loves to be outside- and it's a good thing since that's where we are most of the time!

Our hike

Our hike
Yes, that is the road down there. We found this trail off the road up the Five MIle Canyon. We have loved the red rock scenery that is so prevelant in the Parowan area

Birthday Boy riding his new bike

Birthday Boy riding his new bike
He loves riding with Gabe on their"motorbikes"

The swinging of the pinata

The swinging of the pinata
Gabe is the only one who inflicted any damage at all

Argh MAtey!

Argh  MAtey!
Me and my pirate buddies- we had so much fun. Sometimes I really wich I were still a kid ro everyday was a birthday so I had a reason to be all creative and fun


The birthday crown for the king of the day